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Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)
Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)
  • Length: 36”
  • Overall Weight – 19.50 Lbs
  • 1.5” Channel Heights x 1.75” Channel Widths
  • Max Weight Capacity (36,000 Lbs Per Axle)
  • Non-Outgassing Like Comparable Rubber Protectors
  • Carrying Handles For Easy Portability
  • Protects Multiple Cables From pedestrian, car and truck traffic
  • Top Hinged Lid For Easy Access To Install Cables
  • Made of Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade Polyurethane
  • Connectors Allow Units To Be Ganged Together For Modular Expansion


Kable Kontrol's STORY

As one of the leading manufacturers of Wire management devices, Kable Kontrol's products are used in countless electrical, automotive, and construction projects across North America. Safe To Say "We Keep America's Wires Running"

Kable Kontrol's VALUES

Our Kable Kontrol culture is built on the fundamental belief that empowerment, trust, consistency, and inclusion are paramount. These values allow us to achieve our goals and build a thriving, multi-generational company.

Kable Kontrol's VISION

At Kable Kontrol, we seek to produce new, and innovative sustainable wire management solutions, while still providing the quality customers that our customers expect.

Kable Kontrol's COMMITMENT

Kable Kontrol is committed to continuing to provide unmatched value to our customers by providing high-quality Wire management solutions at a discount.