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Automatic Free Shipping $149+ (See Terms & Conditions)

Ear Plugs

Hearing Protection

There are many different environments where the noise level can put your hearing at risk. Working with certain tools is one such example, especially if you are working with power tools every single day, or around heavy machines and equipment that creates high noise levels could cause permanent hearing loss that cannot be fixed by hearing aids or surgery. Staying safe, comfortable, and at ease on the job won’t be a challenge anymore with our wide range ofhearing protection gears. Delivered to you in a wide array of styles, our best-in-class earmuffs and plugs are perfect for the user who wants to eliminate or minimize the chances of hearing loss. Our ear protectors come in various styles and types of muffs and plugs that are right fit, comfortable, and ANSI Class compliant.

At Safety Vests and More, Hearing Protection or Ear protective gears are not only affordable but truly comfortable. We understand the well-being of a worker is the employer’s top priority hence our earmuffs are comfortable, vented and light to wear around. They are perfect for even the most dangerous jobs due to their tough yet light stylish design. We offer a vivid range of ANSI Class hearing protection gears that are suitable for most essential uses across different industries. Browse our complete inventory with a wide variety of styles, fatigue-less designs, and all sizes to buy the one suitable for you.