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Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)
Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)
  • 328’ Ft Long Rolls 
  • 3” inch Wide
  • Made With Durable Polyethylene
  • Useful for setting up warnings and zoning off areas
  • Bold, black print on a bright yellow background is easy to see
  • Outdoor / Indoor Applicable

This long-lasting Caution Tape measures 3-inch wide by 328 ft. long, easily able to cover larger areas. Bright yellow or red with a bold black print is easy to see. Our premium caution tape offers easy visibility to help ensure safety on your Jobsite. Made for rough outdoor conditions, the durable plastic material remains flexible even in cold weather. 3" 'CAUTION' and 'DANGER DO NOT ENTER' barricade tape caution tape is the most cost-effective way to keep pedestrians away from entering work zones and hazardous sites. The bright yellow warning tape features 'CAUTION' and the red tape features DANGER DO NOT ENTER. Each roll measures 328 feet.