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Automatic Free Shipping $149+ (See Terms & Conditions)

Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Jackets

Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Jackets - Optimal Visibility and Safety

Elevate Safety at Work: In work environments where visibility is crucial, our Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Jackets are your go-to choice. Designed to meet Class 2 ANSI standards, they provide enhanced visibility and protection for various industries.

Enhanced Visibility: Our jackets come in vibrant high-visibility (hi-vis) colors with reflective stripes, ensuring you remain conspicuous in low-light and high-traffic scenarios.

ANSI Class 2 Compliant: Choosing Class 2 jackets guarantees compliance with ANSI standards, reducing the risk of accidents and displaying your dedication to safety.

Durability and Comfort: Crafted from durable materials, our jackets can endure demanding conditions without compromising on comfort. They are designed for all-day safety and comfort.

Versatile Selection: Whether you need insulated jackets for cold days or lightweight options for warm weather, our collection offers the right Class 2 Hi Viz Safety Jackets for your needs.

Why Choose Class 2 Jackets?
Selecting Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Jackets is a proactive approach to workplace safety. These jackets offer superior visibility and protection, making them ideal for various high-risk work environments. By investing in Class 2 jackets, you enhance safety while displaying your commitment to industry standards.

Safety First:
Prioritize the well-being of your workforce by investing in Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Jackets. Meeting ANSI Class 2 standards not only reduces the risk of accidents but also reflects your dedication to creating a safer, more efficient workplace.

Safety should always come first. Our collection of Class 2 Hi Vis Safety Jackets ensures that you're in line with the highest safety standards while providing your team with the best available protection.

Visit or call us at 1-877-240-3646 to explore our diverse selection and keep your workforce safe in any working conditions.