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Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)

Outrigger Pads / Crane Mats

Optimize stability in lifting operations with our Outrigger Pads and Crane Mats collection! Tailored for the construction and crane industry, these pads provide a solid foundation, ensuring safety and preventing equipment sinking or tipping. Ideal for crane operators, construction crews, and heavy machinery professionals. USE FILTER TOOL BELOW TO QUICKLY. . . Show More >>>

Outrigger Pads and Crane Mats

SafetyTech® stands out as a high-capacity outrigger crane pad, supporting vertical loads of up to 140,000 Lbs* in its largest size. Engineered to provide unwavering support to vehicles and cranes, it excels in resisting warping, splintering, and bending. The pad's surface is thoughtfully textured for enhanced grip and stability during operations.

Crafted from a remarkably durable proprietary thermoplastic material, SafetyTech® goes above and beyond in delivering exceptional support. Its non-conductive and non-magnetic properties make it versatile across various settings. Moreover, it exhibits resilience against temperature variations, chemicals, water, and oil.

SafetyTech® is not just about strength; it also prioritizes user-friendly features. The pad comes with high-visibility safety orange TuffGrip® handles, patented for optimal maneuverability. These handles exhibit resilience by returning to their original shape even after bending, ensuring the pad maintains its effectiveness over time.