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Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)

Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets

Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets - Visibility and Warmth with Included Power Bank

Elevate Safety at Work: Introducing Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets, designed to offer both visibility and warmth in chilly and low-temperature environments. These jackets prioritize safety while ensuring comfort in cold conditions.

Enhanced Visibility: Our Heated jackets feature high-visibility colors with reflective stripes, ensuring you remain easily identifiable in low-light conditions and high-traffic areas. Stay visible while staying warm.

ANSI Compliant Comfort: Rest assured that our Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets meet ANSI standards, providing the necessary visibility while ensuring you stay comfortably warm in cold weather.

Integrated Heating Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge heating technology, these jackets offer adjustable warmth levels to combat the cold. Stay focused and comfortable, even in freezing temperatures.

Included Power Bank: Each Heated Hi Vis Safety Jacket comes with an included power bank, providing the necessary power to operate the heating elements, ensuring uninterrupted warmth during your work hours.

Versatile Selection: Whether you're working in cold storage, winter construction, or any environment where visibility and warmth are crucial, our collection of Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets offers a range of options for your comfort and safety.

Why Choose Heated Jackets?
For those working in cold climates, Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets offer the perfect solution. These jackets prioritize both visibility and warmth, ensuring you can work comfortably and safely in freezing conditions.

Stay warm, stay visible. Explore our Heated collection. Visit or call us at 1-877-240-3646 to discover our diverse selection and experience warmth and visibility with Heated Hi Vis Safety Jackets including an included power bank.