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Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)
Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)
  • Modacrylic Beanie
  • CAT2
  • Fleece style knit
  • One size fits all

A flame-resistant beanie is a type of hat that is specifically designed to be resistant to flames and heat. It is made from materials that are inherently fire-resistant, such modacrylic fibers. The beanie is typically a close-fitting, snug cap that covers the head and ears, providing protection from heat and flames. Flame-resistant beanies are commonly used in industries where there is a risk of fire or heat exposure, such as firefighting, welding, and oil and gas exploration. They are also suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and skiing, where protection from extreme temperatures and flames is important

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About Flamesafe Workwear

Flamesafe Workwear's Story

Flamesafe Workwear is a global leader in manufacturing knitted flame-resistant fabrics for next-to-the-skin apparel. With a focus on environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction, they engineer high-quality, reliable products that provide Fire Rated optimum FR Flame resistance protection, superior comfort, durability, style, and outstanding performance.

Flamesafe Workwear's Values

Flamesafe Workwear: Excellence in flame-resistant fabrics. Committed to sustainability, customer satisfaction, integrity, safety, and continuous improvement. Trusted for high-quality, eco-friendly products and outstanding performance. Your go-to choice for superior protection and comfort.