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Lowest Price Guarantee! Fast Shipping! 3% Off Orders Above $500

Heavy Duty Plastic Jersey Traffic Crash Barriers - 72" Long 100Lbs

SKU sb-4206-100-so
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Color: Orange

Heavy Duty Plastic Jersey Traffic Crash Barriers Features

  • Crash Tested as TL2 Channelizer
  • Available in Orange, White, Yellow, Tan, Olive Drab, or Blue
  • Choose from various wall thicknesses
  • Compatible with square bolt-on or round screw-in lights
  • UV and long-term fade resistant
  • Composition: UV-Resistant Polyethylene
  • 72" & 96" Lengths Available
  • 24" Width
  • 42” Height 
  • Click Here for 42”x72” Barrier Specs

42x72x24 plastic jersey barriers have been tested and approved by the US Dept of Transportation. Made from UV-Resistant Polyethylene, this portable and durable safety plastic jersey barrier is structurally sound and impact resistant. It can be easily relocated and reconfigured and is ballast able with sand or water for added stability. It also features built-in molded forklift slots for maximum convenience. Great for road work or parking lot construction projects. The water-filled plastic jersey traffic barrier will not bulge or distort when filled with water ballast or sand. We also will not jeopardize our quality just to sell our barrier. During the design of the plastic jersey barrier, we take into account that cosmetics are also a key selling point in our desired markets. We believe that we have a product that is more cosmetically pleasing than our competitors. This heavy-duty traffic barrier has also been designed to a higher standard of strength and integrity which we feel makes for a superior product for the end-user. as a Test Level 2 Longitudinal Channelizing Device – AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware Test Level 2. It was stated to be acceptable as a TL2 water-filled channelizer. We do have a letter with all the testing results if any further questions need to be answered regarding the testing. Most of our barriers now have fill lines. We recommend only filling the barriers to the fill line – overfilling can cause bulging. To keep water from freezing inside our suggestion is to use Calcium Chloride. You use 4-6 oz of Calcium Chloride per gallon depending on the temps outside.


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