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Automatic Free Shipping $99+ (See Terms & Conditions)

28" Traffic Safety Cone - 7 Lbs - Orange - 6" + 4" Inch Hi Intensity Reflective Collars

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  • Lowest Bulk Wholesale Traffic Cone Prices Online!
  • Injection Molded With Premium PVC
  • Indented Handle Top For easier Carrying & For Attaching Tapes
  • Reflective Collar Options For Night Time Use.
  • Traffic Cones Must Have 6” + 4” Reflective Collars For Approved Use On Public Roads At Night.
  • Retroreflective Collar: Type IV
  • Temperature Range: -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F)
  • Meets Safety Standards: MUTCD; ASTM D4956 – 07

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Traffic Kontrol® Traffic Cones are meticulously designed to provide optimum road safety and efficient traffic management. These cones are injection molded with premium PVC, ensuring durability and longevity in various environments. Featuring an indented handle top, these traffic cones offer convenient carrying options and provide a means for attaching tapes, enabling enhanced visibility and guidance. The handle design facilitates easy transportation and deployment, ensuring efficient use in any situation. For night-time use and compliance with regulations, Traffic Kontrol® Traffic Cones are equipped with reflective collar. To meet the requirements for approved use on public roads at night, these cones are fitted with 6" + 4" reflective collars. The retroreflective collar, specifically Type IV, guarantees superior visibility, effectively marking hazardous areas and preventing accidents. These traffic cones adhere to industry safety standards, including MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) and ASTM D4956-07. These standards ensure that Traffic Kontrol® Traffic Cones meet the highest quality and performance criteria, assuring reliable and safe traffic control measures. The Traffic Kontrol® Traffic Cones are constructed from flexible and durable PVC. This material provides resilience and longevity, while the black rubber base offers stability and prevents rolling, even when the cone is knocked over. The square base design further enhances stability, ensuring the cones remain in place and maintain their intended function. With a temperature range spanning from -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F), these traffic cones can withstand a wide range of climates, making them suitable for use in various geographic locations. Choose Traffic Kontrol® Traffic Cones for a comprehensive and reliable solution that prioritizes road safety. The premium PVC construction, combined with reflective collars, offers high visibility and effective traffic management, marking hazardous areas and creating safe traffic lanes. Trust Traffic Kontrol® Traffic Cones to meet your traffic control needs and ensure the safety of road users.

Physical Performance
Height 28”
Base Dimension 13.5”
Cone Diameter 7”
Tensile Strength 15.1 MPA
Elongation at break 258%
Hardness 85A
Impact Elasticity 31%
Abrasion Performance 0.21 CM­³ / 1.61 KM
Temperature Range -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F)
Retroreflective Dimension 6” + 4”
Retroreflective Collar Type IV